Complements to P&E for Quality and Timely Deliverables, as Well as Accountability

“Overall, impressive management and strong adherence to the timeline. Well done!” - USAID QED/(MELP)

“…You’re just so efficient and accountable…..!” - USAID/(MEEPP)

“Many thanks for the timely submission of the draft report…”. - UNFPA

“…I must admit that Provide and Equip has been the first consultancy firm to hit the deadlines of assignments…”. - Amref Health Africa

“Report is well received and Musa (UNAIDS Country Representative) thanks you so much for a good job well done in a timely manner”. “You are the first consultants to deliver quality Work on time” - UNAIDS

“Thank you for a strong and timely DQA. I think it will be useful to Implementing Partners” - Aga Khan Canada

“Thanks for the balanced report on the status of our M&E system. I am happy with the presentation and response to the DQA terms of reference” - Aga Khan Nairobi